The WFC is composed of the following five regional CSD associations which together represent around 135 member CSDs:

  • Asia – Pacific CSD Group (ACG) – www.acgcsd.org
  • Americas’ Central Securities Depositories Association (ACSDA) – www.acsda.org
  • Association of Eurasian Central Securities Depositories (AECSD) – www.aecsd.com
  • Africa & Middle East Depositories Association (AMEDA) – www.ameda.org.eg
  • European Central Securities Depositories Association (ECSDA) – www.ecsda.eu

On April 15, 2011, at the closing of the CSD11 conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the five regional CSD associations announced the formation of the World Forum of CSDs (WFC) in order to further enhance inter-association communications. The WFC provides a forum for regional CSD associations to exchange information, discuss issues of common interest and increase their influence and engagement on cross-regional and global developments.



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