WFC Single Disclosure

The WFC Single Disclosure is an online questionnaire allowing CSDs to submit AGC and/or PFMI disclosure reports using one single harmonized template.

What are the benefits of the WFC Single Disclosure tool?

For CSDs: 

  • Simplicity: A single process (instead of two parallel submissions) makes it easier for CSDs to produce their disclosure reports.
    The grouping of related questions further reduces overlaps between the two frameworks.
  • Flexibility: Each CSD remains free to decide how much information is disclosed via the WFC Single Disclosure tool, and the frequency with which it publishes disclosure reports.
  • Better use of CSD data: By centralizing CSD disclosure data in one place, in a standard format, the WFC Single Disclosure tool makes it possible for participating regional CSD associations and for the WFC to collect, analyze and publish aggregate data on the CSD industry worldwide.

For regulators:

  • Higher compliance: A harmonized process encourages CSDs’ compliance with disclosure requirements.
  • Higher degree of disclosure: Where applicable, PFMI disclosure reports will benefit from additional details provided for the purpose of answering AGC questions.
  • Transparency: The use of PFMI and AGC individual references make it easy to identify the extent to which a CSD complies with a given disclosure framework.

For market participants:

  • Transparency: A harmonized template for all CSD disclosure reports supports comparability for users.
    Furthermore, the production of a single report (instead of two) in which the AGC questions are re-organized to “fit” the PFMI structure makes it easier to have a complete overview of a CSD’s activities.