User Guide

This page contains a series of frequently asked questions in order to help respondents complete the WFC single disclosure. Please find more information on the tool by clicking here

Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback by emailing us.

Security disclaimer:

Please note that the security of the link and the token which is distributed to the CSD in order to use the WFC single disclosure tool is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the respondent CSD. The WFC takes no responsibility if a token is misused in any way by those with access to the tool.

Step 1: Registration

How do I access the tool?

The respondent CSD can send an email  to the WFC Secretariat indicating the name, company and email address of the person who will be responsible for completing the WFC Single Disclosure. The CSD will receive access details to their email address with the link to the single disclosure tool. Each CSD will have a unique token for their response. This unique link can be shared amongst the employees of the CSD and it is up to each CSD to decide whether and how to share this link internally

Step 2: Completing the survey

How is the tool organized?

The questions are divided into 25 groups. In order to navigate between the question groups, click on the “jump to group” button in the top left-hand corner and a drop-down menu will appear. The “next” and “previous” button at the bottom of the page can also navigate the respondent between question groups. The progress bar at the top of the page indicates how much of the survey has been completed.

Each of the questions has a corresponding AGC and/or PFMI question number, which is found at the end of every question. Please note that a single reference will be attached to several questions in the questionnaire: For example, PFMI reference Q.2.3.2 corresponds to questions 58 [G03Q019], 59 [G03Q020] and 60 [G03Q021] in the questionnaire.

Do I have to respond to every question?

Only a few questions, which are marked with an asterisk (*), are mandatory and the CSD has the option to respond to the questions which they see to be appropriate for them.

Can I upload my AGC response from a previous year directly into the tool?

The first year that a CSD makes a disclosure using the tool, it must fill out the survey online manually; it is not possible to upload a response previous AGC questionnaire as a way to respond to the WFC Single Disclosure tool. After a CSD has completed it once, its response from the previous year is stored.

How do I look for a specific question?

The search bar, found at the top of the page allows the user to navigate to the question which they are looking for, using either the AGC, PFMI question number or the words in the question. The search tool uses predictive text, allowing the user to select the question they are looking for from a number of suggestions. The search box will bring you the specific question group, and if you have trouble finding the specific question, we suggest using the Ctrl + F function.

At times, it may be that the cookies prevent you from using the search tool. You will notice because the tool will ask you again for your name and email address. If this is the case, you should press Ctrl + R + F5 to clear the cache.

What are conditional questions?

You might notice that the numbering of questions may appear inconsistent at first glance. This is due to the fact that “conditional questions” will appear depending on the answer which you have selected for a previous question. These have been programmed in accordance with the logic in the AGC disclosure.

Where can I upload documents?

Documents can be uploaded to the tool at the end of each question group to supplement the answers in that section. Files can be uploaded in .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and PDF format.

Do I have to complete the whole survey in one session?

No. There is a “Save and resume later” button at the bottom of every page which you should click on prior to exiting the survey. After each group of questions is completed, it is automatically saved. If the group of questions is not completed fully, then it is necessary to click on the “save and resume later” button.

Can I download my response before submitting it?

Before submitting the final WFC Disclosure Report in the online tool, the CSD can download it (in PDF and in Excel format) and review it (for example, if the CSD wishes to share it with the regulator(s) prior to finalization/publication).

Step 3: Submitting the survey

How do I submit the survey?

Once the respondent is confident that the WFC Disclosure is ready to be submitted, it will click on the “submit” button in question group 25 and the report will be transmitted to the AGC Secretariat and to the Secretariat of the applicable regional CSD association(s). In the report, it will be indicated whether the Report is made publicly available.

Can I download my survey response after I submit it?

The respondent can download the final version of its WFC Disclosure Report (in PDF and in Excel format) for use on its own website and for sharing with third parties, such as regulators, clients etc. It remains the responsibility (and the decision) of the CSD to make its WFC Disclosure Report publicly available

Will my survey response be available for future use?

Yes. The same link will be available as well for use during future responses.